Tips for Planning a Blue-Ribbon Block Party

comic jumps block partyPlanning a block party is a great way to socialize with your existing neighbors or introduce yourself to someone new. Knowing how to plan a block party is essential to its success. Comic Jumps can help in the planning process as we are professional party people with lots of experience!

Choosing a Location

In most cases, the middle of the block is the best choice for hosting a block party. When the party is held at the end of the block, some neighbors might feel excluded from the events. By placing the party at the center, you create a location that is easy for everyone to access and that makes everyone feel equally welcome.

Recruit Help

Planning a block party can become quite time consuming. Recruit neighbors to help you with the financing and planning of the event. Ask for a small donation from anyone who plans to attend to offset costs for supplies. You can also delegate specific jobs to individuals so that the event will be less stressful for everyone.

Decide On a Theme

Choosing a theme can make all the difference when it comes to planning. Not only will it give your party direction, but also make it much easier to plan the event. A theme will become the center of your event. Consider the time of day, the season, and the ages of those who will attend when making a choice. Once you make a decision you can decorate accordingly and plan food and activities that complement your central idea.

Something For Everyone

Most block parties consist of people from all age groups, so you will want to plan activities accordingly. Having games and play equipment for children can help make the event less stressful for parents. However, do not forget to plan activities for the adults as well. The more fun everyone has, the more successful the event will be. Comic Jumps has a large and varied inventory of party rentals to satisfy the activities needed.

Creating a Meal For the Masses

Feeding the entire neighborhood can be expensive. Ask each family to prepare a favorite dish to donate to the event, and to bring their own beverages as well. Not only will this ensure that there is plenty for everyone to enjoy, but also offers everyone a chance to contribute to the event.

Learning how to plan a block party can help you create a memorable event for everyone in your neighborhood. Not only can you introduce yourself to new neighbors, but also spend time catching up with those you already know. By following a few simple tips, you can make planning the event simple and affordable. And remember, Comic Jumps in San Francisco is always ready to supply any party equipment you need to make your party a blue-ribbon event!