Throwing An Unforgettable Circus Themed Birthday Party

Comic Jumps CircusThrowing a Circus Themed Birthday Party is something that every kid will dream about sooner or later, and that is because there is something magical and sometimes even mystical about the circus. As a parent though, if you want to ensure your kids and probably their friends who they’re going to invite are going to have fun, you need to be well prepared and surprise them at least three times during the day. How can you do that? Well, let’s see below! Also keep in mind that Comic Jumps, the party professionals, has everything needed for an unforgettable party!


Dunk tanks

Dunk tanks must be one of the best ways of having fun no matter if you’re a kid or already an adult. Don’t believe me? Well, just imagine one of your friends in a dunk tank (dressed up as a clown of course!) while you and others are trying to hit the red marked spot so he can fall into the water. Just the thought of it will make you smile and laugh uncontrollably, so just imagine how much fun your kids will have when they’ll try to get you submerged into the tank. Also, in order to make sure there’s some serious competition going on, make it a rule that whoever hits the target first and manages to get you to fall into the water, wins a special toy and a delicious treat.



Thought there were no more ways to have fun in the summer? Well, your kids will absolutely love using a jumper in order to play various cartoon or movie characters and pretend that they are maybe a dancing clown or probably Robin Hood who is doing his best trying to steal from the rich and give to the poor. The number of games your kids could play in a jumper are endless, so just make sure you come up with a few ideas when they don’t know what to play anymore. At Comic Jumps, we have a Circus themed jumper, plus many more themes to choose from.


Snow cone machine

After all that physical activity, it’s time for everyone (including you if you took part in your kids’ games) to cool off by enjoying a delicious snow cone. At Comic Jumps, we have a snow cone machine available, as well as cotton candy, popcorn, and a hot dog steamer. These treats will be enjoyed by everyone and will add a circus like atmosphere to your party! By the end of the day, you’ll realize that your idea of organizing a Circus Themed Birthday Party has paid off big time!