Hot Air Balloon Party

hot air balloonA hot air balloon party is a popular and fun theme for any kids birthday party and one that your child and all their friends are sure to love. There are plenty of ways to transform your party destination into a hot air balloon themed paradise and the section below highlights some of these.

Hot Air Balloon Dessert Table

A hot air balloon dessert table is a great way to make the birthday cake and other treats even more appealing. Simply attach some balloons to the table and then decorate the walls and table with paper clouds and you’ll have a unique center piece that gets noticed every time the kids come to eat.

Hot Air Balloon Party Favors

Hot air balloon party favors are the perfect way to give the kids something to remember after the birthday celebrations have finished. To create these attractive parting gifts, simply add each guest’s party favors to an open colored paper bag and then tie a helium filled balloon to the bag. The balloons will float above the bags as the kids take the party favors away and remind them of all the fun they had that day.

Hot Air Balloon Photo Stand

A hot air balloon photo stand is something that will keep the kids entertained at the birthday party and also provide them with a permanent memory of the day’s celebration. To make a hot air balloon photo stand, grab a large wicker basket and tie an assortment of helium filled balloons to the basket using a long length of string. The helium filled balloons will float high above the wicker basket and look just like a hot air balloons. The kids can then take turns posing in the basket and have their photo taken.

Hot Air Balloon Topiaries

If you’re having an outdoor kids birthday party, hot air balloon topiaries are an excellent choice that will transform your yard into a beautiful balloon filled area. To make each topiary, you will need a 10 foot garden stake, 10 multi-colored balloons and some string. Once you have all the equipment, inflate the balloons, tie them together with the string, attach the bunch of balloons to the top of the garden stake using the string and then erect your hot air balloon topiary.

Glow In The Dark Hot Air Balloons

Glow in the dark balloons add a magical touch to your kids birthday party and look amazing. To make them, grab some multi-colored balloons and add a glow stick to each one. Then inflate them with helium, put them all in a dark room and let them float to the ceiling.

A hot air balloon party is simple, enjoyable and can be approached in many different ways. No matter what your kids age or interest are, a hot air balloon party will work very well for them. Comic Jumps has lots of different balloons available which can be used to easily match any theme or idea you have for your kids birthday party.