Fun Ideas For Kid’s Parties



If you have a young boy who loves sports, then a sports themed party is a great idea. If your daughter loves princesses or fun games, you can also create a themed party for her. Regardless of your child’s age, these are some ideas for kid’s parties and fun themes which any child is bound to enjoy. 

Princess Day

One of the best ideas for kid’s parties is a princess theme for young girls. With princess bounce houses, you can rent a bouncer with her favorite characters. You can purchase a princess cake, and decorate outside with purple and pink. You can set up fun art stations or games, all with a princess theme surrounding the day. From the Little Mermaid to Tinkerbell, you can find a bouncer with her favorite princess and characters so she and her friends will have a fun day together.

Make It A Sports Theme

If you have a son that loves sports, you can also rent sports themed bouncers. With inflatable water slides, mazes and ball pits at the end of the bouncer, it is sure to be a great day of competition for your child and his friends. An interactive bounce house with a basketball hoop and other fun adventures is also a great idea.

Mixed Crowd

For teens or for your child that has friends which are both boys and girls, a carnival is a great theme idea. Not only is it one of the best ideas for kid’s parties, it is also a simple solution for kids that like several activities. From fun fair foods, like cotton candy machines and snow cone makers to great activities like a rock climbing wall or spin art activity, all kids at the party will find something enjoyable to do when you host a themed party for your kids.

Make It A Water Themed Party

With inflatable water slides, or an outdoor slip n’ slide, your kids can enjoy a warm day out. You can also set up the decor in all blue colors, and add fun foods and drinks like slushies, snow cones, and other cool water/ice based food ideas to go along with the party theme. Not only is this great for a warm Spring or Summer day, it is also a great idea for both boys and girls when you are hosting a party for your kids.

There are several great ideas you can come up with when you are planning a party for your children. Depending on their age, gender, and the activities they like to engage in with their friends, these are a few great ideas to consider for kid’s parties when you are planning the day. Not only can you find these interactive, rental items through Comic Jumps, but you can also find a great price for everything, plus you won’t have to lift a finger to set up the party.