Let the Children Bounce for Joy

comic jumps 5 n 1 comboWhy do Kids Love Bounce Houses?

There are a number of reasons why small children so enjoy inflatable bounce houses. First off, children only get to experience the joy of bouncing for hours on end during special occasions such as birthday parties. The bounce house is like a treat which they will cherish, because they don’t know when they’ll have another opportunity to bounce like that. Second off, the bounce houses themselves are so festive and colorful that they automatically draw the attention of all children. They’re even available with the motifs of famous animated characters such as Batman and Scooby Doo. There’s even a Disney Princess bounce house which would make any little girl’s birthday party more special. Likewise, the military camouflage bounce house would perfectly complement any little boy’s party. At Comic Jumps, we have quite the selection of bounce houses. There is something to please any youngster.

Another reason children adore bounce houses is the available water slides which are attached to some combination units. These models are the perfect attraction to any summertime celebration. The opportunity to bounce until their hearts are content is topped off by a thrilling turn on the slide and a dip into a shallow pool. Some of the combination houses are even paired with obstacle courses which the older children can enjoy. The preteen years are when kids begin to establish their independence and think they’re more grown up than they really are. However, the opportunity to romp on an inflatable obstacle course will soon have them laughing and giggling like the smaller children. There are even inflatable water slides which can be used by adults which can bring out the child in anyone. However, nobody enjoys inflatable attractions more than the smaller children. Just the sight of a Sponge Bob or Superman bounce house is enough to make their little hearts flutter. However, the main reason children love bounce houses is for the comradery which they share with each other while inside the inflatable wonderland. For the kids, this opportunity to enjoy an adult free zone gives them the chance to build friendships and establish bonds with one another.

There’s no doubt how greatly a bounce house can improve an event in the San Francisco Bay Area. The children will absolutely adore the opportunity to jump and play in a bounce house, and their laughter enhances the lives of all who behold it. Best of all, Comic Jumps will deliver the bounce house to the desired location, set it up, and come and get it when the event ends. Give us a call today to reserve the party rentals for your next event!