Hosting a Fall Harvest Party with the Help of Comic Jumps

Comic jumps mini basksetballHosting a Fall Harvest Party with party rentals from Comic Jumps is certainly a good idea, especially because kids, and adults too, absolutely love the fall. Not only is it the time when they’re preparing for a new school year when they can meet their friends, but it’s also the time when nature changes and offers all of us a spectacle of colors that is both beautiful and melancholic. So with no further ado, what are some great ideas that you could consider in order to throw an amazing autumn party that family and friends will never forget?


Mini All Stars Basketball Game

This is a very good way of having kids challenge each other to see which of them is going make the most shots! The game is the perfect addition to any indoor or outdoor event. Players will be lining up to take their shot at the dual hoops which allow for plenty of action, fun, and competitive spirit as players shoot it out with mini basketballs.


Princess castle

The Disney Princess Jump is recommended for girls who want to show the rest of their friends that they are the most beautiful princesses in the realm by dressing up and performing various roles with a jury to decide at the end who was the most authentic princess of them all. It’s a very fun challenge to watch and if you’re a parent and your daughter participates, you’ll definitely have a lot fun watching her.


Combo Inflatables

At Comic Jumps, we have quite an assortment of combo units which offer a jump, basketball hoop, climber, and slide all in one unit. There is a extensive range of themes available, something to please anyone! These units provide hours of fun.



There is an assortment of games that kids will love and the activity will keep them occupied for a long time. The Spin Art machine comes with 5 different colors of paint and 30 cards. It is an industrial size machine. Everyone will love to take home their masterpiece! The Bubble machine is something else that kids absolutely love. Kids just love bubbles, and this machine will produce enough bubbles for all day.


Food Concessions

To give your party a festive atmosphere and satisfy appetites at the same time, take advantage of the food concession machines we have at Comic Jumps. There is cotton candy, popcorn, snow cones, and a hot dog steamer.


It is very apparent that hosting a fall harvest party with the help of Comic Jumps is an excellent way to have tons of fun and at the same time enjoy some time with your kids that you’ll dearly cherish! Call us today and start planning your party!