Limitless Fun with Inflatables

Comic jumps Disney parkAs the summer draws to a close, and the cool fall weather comes in, why not enjoy the great weather with an outdoor party or social gathering for family and friends? With Comic Jumps, you will find all the items you need to set up for the event, plus you are going to find great items for kids of all ages and for adults to enjoy when you are planning your party. 

Inflatables for hours of fun

There are dozens of options in terms of inflatables. Bounce houses, interactive bouncers, game bouncers and more. We also have a large selection of combo units which provide a bouncer, basketball hoop, climber, and slide all in one! Not only are there several options, you can also select from various themes. If you are hosting a party for your kids, you can choose from superheroes or from the most well known princesses. Regardless of your kids age or what they enjoy, the inflatables and water inflatables are great to keep the kids outside, active, and having a great time with their friends during a fun outdoor gathering.

Fun games

You can add to the fun with some of the outdoor games there are to choose from when renting supplies from Comic Jumps. Bean bag toss, the parachute, or the mini all stars basketball game are all fun for outdoor activities for your kids to engage in. These are a few of the many games you can choose from when planning for any outdoor event that you are hosting for family and friends.

Of course you can’t forget about the foods either. Snow cones are great for kids. Cotton candy, popcorn makers, and the hot dog steamer are also a fun option for an outdoor event or carnival themed party that you are planning on hosting for your kids. These are all tasty and they are rather affordable when you work with Comic Jumps for the party you are going to host.

The inflatables are easily set up, and Comic Jumps will do all of the set up and break down work that you would otherwise have to do. We will make the party planning simple for the host, we will do all of the hard work for you during the event. Working with Comic Jumps is not only an affordable way to plan, it is also the easy way to plan your event. Call us today and let’s get started planning your event!