Tips On How To Have A Great Back To School Party

Comic Jumps ObstacleA back to school party is a pleasurable way to get children and their friends all set for the new school year. Heading back to school can be scary to some kids but to others it is just normal. However, you can make this experience a little easier and fun for the kids by planning a simple back to school party that is inspired by a real school setting or theme. Comic Jumps is a professional party planning company, and we have what you need for your party! The following are tips on how to have a great back to school party:


Create a guest list and send invites

For you to have an organized party, it is advisable to have a guest list. When creating this list, ensure that you get help from your kids. Allow them to invite all their friends including those that attend different schools. You can also send invites to a number of friends and the best way to do this is through online invitations and sending invitation cards.


Organize a model class schedule

You can come up with a few activities you want your kids to do and then assign each kid to a part of the venue. For example you can let them do a subject like art where they can draw or make simple items using available material. You can also teach them how to make fun designs from simple and readily available materials. Ensure that this is done just like it is done in a classroom setting.


Have extra fun activities

Kids love playing on the water and the best way to ensure that they enjoy the back to school party, is by having inflatable equipment for them. If you have a pool, you can purchase an inflatable for the kids to enjoy. If you do not have a pool, you can rent a water slide from Comic Jumps. We have many different designs and configurations of water slides.


Plan a lunch or something to eat

What makes a party a party is the food and drinks that are served at these celebrations. Therefore to ensure that kids enjoy the party, have a variety of foods for them to eat and enjoy. You can have snacks, fruits, and drinks for them. A great food option is concession type foods from Comic Jumps. We have a hot dog steamer, popcorn machine, cotton cany machine, and a snow cone machine! You can also have some music organized for them to dance along as they eat and have fun at the party.


In summary, the above are simple tips on how to have a great back to school party for your kids. To have it well planned and organized, call us at Comic Jumps today. We have everything you need for a fun party!