Tips for Last Minute Party Planning

Comic Jumps Fire TruckIf you are planning a party at the last minute, you do not have to stress out. These are a few great Tips for Last Minute Party Planning to not only help you set things up without errors, but also ensure your kids and their guests are going to have a great time. At Comic Jumps we are ready to help you plan a super party regardless of the timing.

Pick a theme and venue

Whether it is princesses for your daughter or superheroes for your son, the right theme goes a long way. We have inflatable party rentals with a wide range of themes. A few items for decor, a few fun games, and the right venue are all going to make for a great party. Not only that, with a theme and location in mind, it is easier to get things set up when you are short on time.

Use e-vites

With the internet, you can do nearly anything today, including sending out the invitations online. Not only will the parents see them right away, but they can also RSVP right away, to let you know how many people are going to show up. This allows you to select the food and the right games for the day, so everyone is going to have fun.

Use Pinterest

This online image posting site is a simple way to mimic what other parents have done. You can find cool decor ideas, you can find different food ideas and recipes and more. The site allows you to simply put in the theme or type of party you are hosting, and thousands of images for party planning are at your discretion.

Check for local deals

At Comic Jumps, we offer discount coupons for party rentals. From cotton candy makers and snow cone machines to the inflatables and other fun games, you can rent it all last minute, and do not have to worry about stress on the day of the event. The coupons we currently offer are always listed on our website. You can rent everything you need for the day, and reduce the cost with one of our current coupons.

No matter when you begin to plan, party rentals from Comic Jumps will make things easier in the end. Not only with the right items for a fun day, but also with the great low prices you are going to pay, working with Comic Jumps ensures that your party will be one to remember. Call us today and let us help you plan your party!