San Francisco Based Bounce House Rental Companies Pave the Way for Excellent Summer Party!

The summer season is still not over and bidding farewell to it can be done in a very unconventional manner. What about allowing the children in your neighbourhood gather together for a real summer time fun? Few things can be as satisfying in life as making a way for wide smiles erupt on the lips of the little ones. You can certainly plan for a party at your backyard and garden area and be rest assured that the products offered by a bounce house rental company like that of Comic Jumps will help you do so in probably, the most effective manner. Comic Jumps caters to its clients in and around San Carlos CA, San Francisco and San Carlos Bay area, offering them with the opportunity to select from a sheer variety of jumpers, bounce houses and other unique sorts of play items.


Unlike adults who can even spend an entire day gossiping and chatting, children have a tendency to make fun in the true sense of the term. Jumping around and engaging in endless frolic are what they prefer and the bouncy castles let them do just that. Hire a Luau Bounce House that is huge enough to accommodate many of these little ones inside it. You can also go for a Lilo & Stich jumper that will be equally effective in allowing the kids indulge in a roller coaster ride. For both of these bounce house rentals, a standard 15×15 unit can bear up to 800Ibs while the combo units are made strong enough to hold up to 1500Ibs. Get a Big Kahuna to allow the kids enjoy some cool splash of water before they get too drained out. At Comic Jumps, a dominant bay area party rentals supplier, safety is of maximum importance and therefore, the castles pose no risk of harm to the children.


While you are planning for a party throughout the day, you have to make sure keeping arrangements for food and drinks to allow the children to refresh themselves up and continue with their fun- filled activities. You can hire the food machines from the companies offering kids birthday party supplies. Finally, the Entertainer/ Characters can make their appearance in the evening to amuse the kids. Comic Jumps offers you with the opportunity to generate awesome summer time parties.

Obtain Summer Discount Coupons for Bounce House Rentals in San Carlos CA

Is the birthday of your little one approaching? You must be planning to do something as exciting as to let it stay in the memory of your child for a long time to come. Having said that, entertaining children is a difficult task, which calls for better planning than what you usually do while calling up friends and relatives at your place. You might be knowing about the likes and dislikes of your child and can accordingly be incorporating things into the party but remember that a number of kids are going to gather together and they need to be allowed to make fun in a way they wish to do so. Contacting a bounce house rental company will offer you with an easy and effective way of boosting up the birthday parties. Comic Jumps, as a prominent bounce house rentals Company, features and delivers a variety of enticing play structures to their customers in and around San Carlos CA, San Francisco and San Carlos Bay area.


While it is an utmost desire of all doting parent to bring the best for their child, budget is also an important consideration and budgetary constraints can actually come up with hindrances in one’s way of fulfilling certain desires. The people at Comic Jumps understand the pulse of the parents and in doing so; have introduced an excellent scheme of august discounts. As such, the Bay area party rentals are now made available with attractive discounts on them. Comic Jumps ensures a renewal of the offers every month and the August discount coupons available recently include a $10.00 off on orders exceeding $160.00 and a $20.00 off on purchase of items that makes a total of more than $260.00.


The discount coupons makes hiring of a number of kids birthday party supplies quite reasonable for anyone searching for a cost- efficient way of arranging the party. With Comic Jumps, presenting that perfect birthday gift to your child while also keeping within budgetary limits  becomes much easier and hassle- free than it had been ever before. Prospective customers also have the option of selecting from a varied range of bounce houses offered by the company.