San Francisco Based Jumper Rental Services Offer Excellent Superhero Play Structures!

If you are planning to organize a party for your child and his or her friends, you must make sure that the event really turns out to be memorable for them. Today, every doting parents love to give their children the best possible things in the World. Consequently, kids get bored very fast and quite easily. That is why; you must make plans to do something new that surprises the kids and leaves them with a wide smile on their lips.

Bouncy castles have become pretty common, paving the way for the character- based play structures such as Justice League Jump, Batman Jump, Superman Jump,  and character- based shows that are offered by the bounce house rental or jumper rental services. The models of superheroes and comic heroes can actually lead to a wonderful theme- based party being held at your backyard. These services can be availed by people in and around San Francisco and San Carlos CA.


Present day kids are really fascinated by the superhero hero characters such as Spiderman, Superman and many others. With a view to this aspect, the design experts at ComicJumps offer character structures as Iron Guy and Spider Guy that appear as entertaining play items. Apart from smiling and posing for group photos, these kids birthday party entertainers accompany interesting shows. They greet the little ones in the parties and tend to engage them into interactive games. A theme music that goes well in sync with the particular character is played at the background to let the children anxiously await the entire show. The show includes musical games, throughout which the characters play, sing and dance in circle with the kids.

The shows are usually concluded with the cutting of the birthday cake with this birthday party entertainer, being the centre of attraction and involving all the kids together. It is advisable for the prospective customers to book for the 90 minutes shows for ultimate fun and entertainment. The theme songs, music instruments as well as the colour combination of the costumes of the characters are planned and designed by the professionals at ComicJumps. They are of high- quality and are unique to the maximum possible extent.

Bounce Rental Services at San Carlos CA Can Deck Up Springtime Backyard Parties For Kids…

Are you planning to organize the birthday party for your little one during this spring?

Then you must have considered the fact that the guests, too, are going to be children, whose way of making fun is quite different from that of the adults. Organizing such a party inside your house can be hectic as letting so many children run about your corridor or at times, even enter your kitchen and bedroom is certainly not a pleasant idea. Moreover, it is a matter of considerable time and effort to bring back the rooms to their earlier state after the party gets over. Thus, is best to hold the part at your backyard or garden area where the children can have unrestricted fun while ensuring that the inside of your house remains clean and spotless.

A bounce house rental or jumper rental service can make your plan of a backyard party successful. They usually cater to people in and around San Carlos CA, San Francisco, and San Carlos bay area.

Incorporating a bounce house or a jumper at your backyard can let the children stay hooked to the party without requiring you to keep a watch on them. At ComicJumps, we can offer you a wide range of bouncy castles that can turn out to be perfect kids birthday party entertainers. The play structures are made of high- quality, fire- resistant materials that are perfectly suitable for the tender skin of the children. You can communicate your specific requirements such as the size of the backyard where you are hosting the party or the perhaps the expected age group of the jumpers. These details help the experts at the company to get the best one for you.

You can get a Toy Story Jump or a Justice League Jump that will not occupy much of the space of your backyard. The standard unit of space they require is about 15×15 though the combo units necessitate a little more space and can accommodate themselves within 20×20 areas. They can be used as a birthday party entertainer and kept overnight with an additional fee. The experts at ComicJumps ensure a prompt delivery and proper set up of the structures at the right location.

Jumper Rental Services at San Francisco Boost Up Your Spring Time Fun!

With the arrival of spring and its promise of longer and brighter days, party planning gets on the cards. You must be looking for ways to allow your children make fun and enjoy themselves as much as possible. The jumper rental services at San Francisco are particularly helpful for organizing parties for the little ones. In fact, they can make you arrange parties of varying themes within the shortest possible time. Bouncy castles can be great party entertainers, as they will let your kids have fun without exposing themselves to the strong heat outside.

An attractive invitation card might give an impetus to the young ones to come and join the part you organize. You can cut out yellow paper and make a sun out of it. Paste it on a folded white card stock and use some bright colours to make it a pose a lively appearance. Decorate your garden or backyard with colourful balloons and make the place appear in perfect sync with the vibrant nature outside. Thereafter, you need to seek the services of a bounce house rental company to provide you with the item that is supposed to be the centre of attraction of the party.


At ComicJumps, you can get inflatable and bounce houses of varying shapes and designs. Some of these are perfect for springtime fun and frolic. You can get a Disney Princess 3D 5 in 1 Combo, a Little Mermaid Jump or Toy Story Jump that can serve you for as long as 8 hours without interruption. With each of the bouncer castles & jumpers, we work on the safety quotient a lot as the security and protection of your children happens to be our primary concern. The above-mentioned play structures along with many others can also be used as wonderful kids birthday party entertainers.


While taking orders for a birthday party entertainer, our customer service executives hear out the specific requirements of the clients and provide services that turn out to be beyond their expectations. Right from recommending the bouncy houses until the time when it is set up at the desired location, we take complete care of the matter.