Jumper Rentals for Your Children’s Bay Party

~ Throwing a party for your children is a great idea to surprise him or her. But making the party colorful and fun is what makes the party memorable. Make it colourful with live characters, events, games and food. All these elements will make the party interesting. Invite lot and lots of children to make it lively. But a party needs a lot of equipments. But where will all the equipments come from, in a beach? This is where the childrens party rentals Bay area comes in use.

Comic jump provides you with all the necessary materials to make your child’s party fun filled and amusing. Whether it is food machines, drink machine or jumpers for your children’s amusement or bounce houses or jumper rentals for their rides, everything related to children’s party is available with this company. Even services like magic shows, live characters can be hired form here. They offer their services within a distance of about 50 miles form their location.

The beverage machines for your children’s beach party are available at varied costs. You will be able to get colourful straws and cups and you can even type in your own message in it. The Margarita machine with 50 party cups and straws of your choice are delivered without ice blenders. They offer 2 machines in a pack for larger parties. Adding alcohol is also allowed. So, go out and have all fun at its best with the services of ComicJump’s childrens party rentals in Bay area. Hence, you can be totally worriless about the food section with the help of childrens party rentals Bay area. The slushies and Margaritas are awesome to taste. The cool drinks will simply be loved by the kids after the day’s tiresome activities.

Jumper rentals and bounce house rental San Francisco based company ComicJumps are a great attraction for children. You can hire them at comic jump. The inflated sporty rides are made from high quality material and totally free from leads. Hence, parents can be relieved about the safety aspect. So, let your children have the time of their life with

ComicJumps’ Tumble Express Is A Great Fun!

~ If you are planning the next birthday party for your children, then you can make it special… rather extra special. Popular childrens party rentals Bay area, ComicJumps has introduced a new offering that will entice the kids tremendously. It is called the Tumble Express, and it is available on rent along with the other popular varieties such as jumper rentals or bounce house rental San Francisco. Located in San Francisco Bay area, ComicJumps always comes with something cool and extraordinary items to lure kids and their parents as well.

Tumble Express is a gym on wheels that will keep the kids engaged and happy throughout the event. Kids in the age group of two to six can take a joy ride of the tumble express and in the process enjoy a lot of fun activities. As it is a gym on a wheel, it features loads of items and stuffs that are specifically designed to benefit the health and mind of children.

Kids can engage into a wide range of fitness activities in the Tumble Express as it features tumble mats, zip line, rings, balance beam, climbing ropes, slide, monkey bars, slide, trampoline, rock climbing wall, and a lot more. You can very well imagine the amount of fun and joy your kids will have while being on tumble express.

Are you wondering if you can get this exciting children’s party rental? If you live in Bay Area, you definitely can, ComicJumps provides various childrens party rentals Bay area.

How much you need to pay? For spending one hour in the bus, you need to pay $295. At one time, the Tumble Express can board fifteen kids, who will enjoy loads of warm up and stretching exercises. In addition, there are many music and games integrated within the ride as well. If you want to accommodate more than fifteen children in a group, you have to pay $5 extra for every additional kid. All you need to do is use your credit card to book this fantastic ride for your children.

Children’s Party Rentals Bay Area

~ Children like to have a lot of fun. Partying is a great way of a fun retreat for your children, especially if it is in a bay. Throwing a beach party for your children is the simply an unforgettable experience. Invite in a lot of friends and family children to fill his or her party with fun and frolic. A beach party is a great way of celebrating birthdays, holidays or simply the party fervour.

If there is a party, there has to be some food and drinks. With refreshments, a party can be boring and tiresome. Since, it is a beach party; it is not possible to make arrangements for barbeque and other heavy meals. Light foods like hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candies, sno-kones are hot favourites of kids. Light refreshing beverages like slushies and margaritas are also as well liked by children.

Though, very light, preparing these foods is quite difficult without proper equipments. Being an outdoor party, carrying equipments is indispensible, which hardly a few people will want to do. However, the food has also to be served. In order to make both ends meet, childrens party rentals Bay area are available. Comicjumps is one of the very few companies that provide childrens party rentals Bay area to far stretched parts of the country. They deliver the rental items at your doorstep without any delay such as jumper rentals, or bounce house rental San Francisco.

The childrens party rentals Bay area come accompanied with all the necessary supplements. For the popcorn machine, each 70 servings will be charged with $ 10. The delivery charge is around $ 25, but if the unit is rented along with a bounce house, it will be made free of cost. The same applies for the hot dog steamer. The Sno-kone machine offers four flavours of syrups and cups. The cotton candy machine offers delicious floss sugar and sticks.

These machines are very fast and they are charged according to the number of servings they produce. The food machines are known to make very tasty foods and if served hot and simply yummy. Go ahead and try them for a lip smacking taste of refreshments.

Balloons and Helium Tanks for Your Children’s Party!

Arranging a party at the beach for your children? Add lots and lots of balloons to it to make it colorful. Decoration in a party is the major part of it. Since, in a beach scope of decoration is almost nil; balloons are the only items that you can think of to adorn it. You must be thinking of how to get so many balloons inflated?

The answer to your question is here. Comic Jump, the famous company to render services for childrens party rentals Bay area has it all. Apart from ordering bounce house rental San Francisco and jumper rentals, you can also order as many latex balloons as you want to decorate your child’s party. Your ordered number of balloons will be delivered to your doorstep. But, please note that they deliver such services in locales that is within 50 miles from their location. These balloons will not be charged with the delivery charge if you order a bounce house with it. In case you don’t, you will have to pay a cost for the company’s delivery. The balloons among the childrens party rentals Bay area will come in your choice able colors depending on the available colors. Colors are all bright and perfectly befitting the occasion and mood. The latex balloons are of red, yellow, blue, green and other bright colors.

If you want to have some fun filling the balloons on your own without going dizzy, then order for the Helium tank of the childrens party rentals Bay area. Each of these tanks has a certain capacity to fill the number of balloons. You can find helium tanks filling 35, 60, 110, 150, 210 and 480. These helium tanks come with balloon filling adaptor. It can as many number of balloons as per its capacity. If ordered with a bounce house, no delivery fee will be charged. But otherwise you will have to pay $ 25 as the delivery charge. The rate of hiring starts from $ 5. This is the price of the helium tank with the minimum capacity of filling only 35 balloons.

So, with the childrens party rentals Bay area, see your children enjoy to the fullest. Their happy faces are sure to bring smiles in your faces too.

Incredible Discount Codes For Children’s Party Rentals!

~ Partying with children on the bay is a great idea, but arranging all the necessary bits and pieces for it is difficult. This is because of the lack of wide availability of them in the beach side locations. Carrying all the bric-a-brac with you from home is another problematic thing. So availing the childrens party rentals Bay area is the only easy way out of it.

In ComicJumps, you will get all the materials and services necessary for a smashing party for your children. Food machines like hotdog steamers, popcorn, cotton candy, sno-kone machines are available. Beverage machines to make delicious margarita and slushies are also obtainable from here. Besides these, fun equipments like jumper rentals and bounce house rental San Francisco are delivered at your doorstep on demand. Decorative items like balloons and helium tanks are also offered on rentals. Besides these, all other possible services to make a children’s party utterly delightful are a part of their inventory.

You might well get sceptical about the price charged for all these incredible rental products and services. To ease your fear, ComicJumps has a wide array of discounts and coupons on offer.

On an order of rentals over $ 160, a discount coupon of $ 10 is applicable. This coupon expires on 1st of September, 2010. A greater discount of $ 20 is also available, but this is only applicable for order of rentals over $ 260. This discount will also expire on the 1st of September. The final and the last offer up till the month of September is a hefty discount coupon of $ 30. This off applies on orders that are greater than $ 290. The codes for the above three discount coupons are CJ0811, CJ0821 and CJ0831. These special gestures brought upon by the company get updated every month.

ComicJumps provides discounts for other childrens party rentals Bay area like bounce house rentals and other inflatable items. You can visit their official website – http://www.comicjumps.com to view other offers on circulation. Thus you can get all the party rentals at a comfortable rate and save some money as well.

Planning a Kids Pool Party…

~ If you live too far away from the ocean for a beach party, then take some tips for pool party fun, and enjoy the hot summer day with a blast from the pool. There are some great ideas for invitations, decorations, and games around the pool. There are many online stores that offer inflatable rentals and bounce house rentals which can add fun to your party.

Starting with the invitations, think about what would make you think a really fun party around the pool would entail – beach balls, flip-flops, sunscreen, sun glasses, slides, water inflatables – so many options for sending out invitations. Make them in the shape of flip-flops or sunglasses and send a small travel size bottle of sunscreen or a deflated beach ball with the invitation. Tell each guest that they have to bring something appropriate to decorate the pool area with as their “ticket” to gain entrance to the party.

Of course with food in the summer, there are such great ideas including watermelon and other fresh fruits to help cool everyone. BBQs are always popular when there are hot dogs, grilled chicken, hamburgers, and of course great summer ribs.  Different pastas can be served as well as jello cut into shapes of starfish, beach balls, or flip-flops to match the décor. Naturally ice cream is always a big hit, so a banana split or sundae bar is a great option.

Ideas for decorations and kids birthday party supplies are almost limitless with options for brightly colored beach towels, balloons, beach balls, and even netting around the area that can have sand dollars and sea shells placed on the netting.  That can even be one of the “ticket” fees – something to hang on the fishnet!

Naturally, with any pool party, there are always great games that can be played such as a jousting tournament with the pool noodles, water balloon toss, water volley ball, and there’s always the water version of HORSE – call it SEAHORSE for fun – basketball with a beach ball can be really hilarious.  Be sure to have some great prizes!

Whatever the occasion, having a pool party is great fun, and there are tips for pool party ideas that ensures waves of fun!

Tips for Birthday Party Games…

~ You have a big birthday party scheduled, and you need some tips for birthday party games that everyone coming to the party will enjoy and just have tons of fun. Depending on the age of the person celebrating the birthday, determine some of the activities you would consider for the party.  There are plenty of options available that will keep them having fun for many hours.

Bounce house rentals are one item which will add fun and excitement to your party. Toddlers will have a blast in the toddler units inflatable that is small and specifically sized for the toddlers up to about age three.  There are several models available for inflatable rentals that allow the kids to play, explore, and do the normal kid thing – jump around and scream and giggle.

For the smaller kids up to about five or six years old, some of the activities that they would enjoy would be the bounce houses.  Most kids have a blast jumping around in these bouncers, and there are some models that have built in slides as well.  So they can climb up the slide and slide down into the bounce house.

Another great idea are the water inflatable for the little bit older kiddos.  There are a variety of models in which they kiddos can climb up the ladders to the top of the water slide and slide down into the padded railings.  These are great ideas for the hot summer months to help the kids have lots of fun and stay cool at the same time. All these kids birthday party supplies can be easily found on online stores.

For the pre-teens, a great idea for a birthday party game is an inflatable Sports Galore game that allows the pre-teens to play for hours on end.  They are a variety of themes available that allows them to shoot hoops, play baseball or soccer, or throw a football, or play with a giant dart board and sticky darts or a Frisbee game.  This will keep them all occupied and having fun for hours.

When you are looking for some great tips for birthday party games, think about the age of the birthday kid and there are many games available that are age appropriate from bounce houses to sports games.

How to Make Games Party Entertaining?

~ Sometimes you want to have a party for no reason, but you need to know how to make games party entertaining for everyone who is attending the party.  This could be a party because school is out and everyone just needs to get together one last time before summer starts, or it could be a middle of the summer party, or any holiday, such as Halloween, Christmas, or Easter. Whatever the occasion, everyone usually likes to play game, and there are so many available that the only problem may be choosing the games.

There are tons of games for kids that are great fun and are played outside and get the kids running around and moving. Some of these include Red Light Green Light, Find the Bacon, Freeze Tag, Cowboys and Indians, Duck Duck Goose, and so many others that have been played by kids for decades. They are great fun, inexpensive, and help them burn all that pent up energy they have stored. Be sure to have plenty of prizes available for the winners! Do you want the kids to jump away to glory? Then you can look for inflatable rentals at the online kids birthday party supplies stores.

But if you are having the party during the time of year that it’s just not conducive to having outside games – it’s freezing cold or Dallas in August and it’s 110° outside.  Some ideas for inside games that are fun are indoor scavenger hunts, Twister, Karaoke (which is great for a wide range of ages!), piñatas, or even a dance contest. Indoor games can include some bounce houses that you can obtain at bounce house rentals. Are you looking for more interactive units? Then these rental stores also offer water slides, water inflatables and jumpers.

Another type great party game is a murder mystery dinner where you have to play a role in the game and figure who murdered the victim. Generally, there are great menus that the participants have to prepare and various scenes they have to act out to figure out the culprit.  Usually, only one of the participants actually knows the secret!

Whatever the occasion, there’s always different ways of make games party entertaining and for any age group – remember it’s supposed to be FUN!

Guide to 1st Birthday Party Activities!

~ So you are celebrating your baby’s first birthday.  And you are looking for a guide to 1st birthday party activities that would be memorable for you, the rest of the family, and a group of friends?  You want it to be special because the baby won’t remember it, but you’ll get some great pictures to show later on in life – that will make for some great moments – so get the camera ready for some great memories.

What makes the most fun for a birthday party – particularly a first birthday – is a theme and it’s generally based on characters that the baby is familiar with – such as Winnie the Pooh, a character from Sesame Street, and yes, even Barney. Sometimes people use a favorite toy, farm or zoo animals, or circus clowns. Whatever the choice is, a themed party can make it great fun for everyone invited and there are many online stores which will help you with kids birthday party supplies. Do you want to make children more excited? Then you can go for inflatable rentals. These are safe and exciting at the same time. Bounce house rentals are one of the most cheap yet enjoyable. If you are planning to opt for water inflatable or any other interactive unit, then ensure that they are safe.

Once the theme is selected, appropriate invitations can be selected and sent out – or if you are on a budget make the invitations from bright construction paper and some markers.  You can even print photos of the baby to be the center point of the invitation along with the colors and themes you want to use.  Just be sure to include the location, date, and time of the celebration, and don’t forget to ask your guests to RSVP so that you know an approximate number of guests to expect.

Next decide on a location – near the home works out best because it’s a place baby is familiar with, or it could be a park or playground near home that you take baby to regularly.

Character Party – Fun Characters for Kids!

~ A very interesting theme for a party is a character party, which leaves a huge selection of options for the guests. Characters can range from those on different television shows or movies, to characters in books, or fairy tales stories. There are so many options for one of these parties for invitations, decorations, menus, kids birthday party supplies and games that the only limitation is your imagination.

Let’s start with the invitations. Once you have decided on the characters – for instance Old Western movies or science fiction characters – then the invitations can be in the shape of a cowboy hat or a space ship. You can recommend that it not be an extremely obvious character because part of the fun is guessing the actual name of the character that each guest represents.

With menus, those can be in keeping in character with the characters such as the Old Western movies would have plenty of BBQ and beans and cornbread or a science fiction them can have all kinds of “spacy” food served on space age plates with really unusual futuristic eating utensils.  Another great idea is based on characters of stories from around the world, which give great potential for foods from a variety of countries.

There can be a wide range of decorations that can be done with your character party – for Old Westerns bales of hay, saddles, and cowboy hats make great decorations. For science fiction parties, the “sky’s the limit” for stars, space craft, and weird aliens. Even a King in King Arthur’s Court can envisions jousting tournaments and Kings, Queens, and Jesters.

The games that can be played have many options based on the selected theme for the party.  Obviously an old Pin the Tail on the Donkey – or the tail on the comet – game can be really fun.  Karaoke can be great fun with songs from the movie genres or decade in which the party is based. Do you want your kids to jump on inflatable? Are you looking for jumpers or slides or combos? Then opt for inflatable rentals, especially the bounce house rentals as they are cheap and enjoyable.

Whatever the venue is that is decided for your character parties, there are some great options and ideas available that can leave the guests looking forward to you next great exciting party.