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Sponge Boy

Sponge Boy
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Our characters do much more than just smile and pose for photos. During the course of the next hour or two, your child and their friends will indulge in all kinds of games designed to entertain specifically for their average age range.

- Play age appropriate games and sing songs with that famous furry red monster
- A comic hero boot camp that leaves your kids and their friends feeling like super heroes in training.
- Or a birthday parade led by that big eared mouse in the bow tie tail and red sateen pants
- Or that hilarious sea sponge guy shooting hoops with your birthday star
- Or our performers can start off by designing some amazing balloon animals and/or colorful face painting before they jump into costume to make your pictures pop with vibrant colors and memories that you would cherish forever. We highly recommend booking 90 minutes in order to allow ample time to cover all activities.

Character specific theme music is played in the background when the character appears and greets the kids with party favors to entice them so that they have a chance to get comfortable with them. The characters start out with fun and interactive games that get the children excited and warmed up for the show. The kids are than involved with team building activities that include musical hot potato and various carnival style games that have them laughing and smiling throughout the show. The show also includes popular musical games that our characters sing with the kids while holding hands in a circle. Our Characters also pose for individual pictures and group pictures towards the end of the show and most people love to conclude the show with our characters singing the Birthday Song while cutting the cake with the lucky birthday person.

We take great pride in offering the best costumes in the state of California and all are performers have been professionally trained at being animated inside the costume to make the kids the least doubtful of our characters. We use professional music equipment and bring all the necessary equipment required to do the show that is included in the package price.

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