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How To Choose A Bounce House Rental Company

How to Choose a Bounce House Rental Company

Questions to Ask and Things to Consider

It's easy to pick a Bounce House Rental company based on price alone- you can always go through and shop for the lowest cost provider in your area. But is that the best thing for your party?


There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a Bounce House rental company for your event that you may not even realize! Here are a few things to ask when you start to comparison shop:





The first thing you should find out from a prospective rental company is whether or not they are insured. Bounce House rental insurance covers liability in case of an accident where the Bounce House Company is at fault. It does not typically cover injuries or minor accidents that happen while the bounce house is under your supervision.


So why should you care?


A company that has made the effort to get insurance has made a commitment to a safe operation. It shows longevity (fly-by-night companies don't bother with the expense of insurance) and a concern both for your safety and the long-term success of their own company.


In some states (but not all) insurance is required by state regulations. An inflatable rental company operating without insurance is operating illegally in those states. In states without regulations, inflatable operators should still be insured.


We will not charge you extra for insurance. Our policy covers all of our rentals at no additional cost to our customers.


Comic Jumps will provide insurance information upon request.





Does your prospective rental company offer delivery? Is there an additional charge?


Inflatable bounce houses are heavy, bulky, and awkward to move and setup. They require proper securing, either with stakes or sandbags and there may be state-regulated minimum requirements on the size of the stakes or the weight of the sandbags. In most areas, you can find companies with delivery included or for a small additional charge.  Comic Jumps Delivers all our inflatables (Bounce Houses, Obstacle Courses, and Slides) this insures that all our units will be set up according to the recommended safety guidelines. It's not just about the money or convenience, but the safety of your children and their guests.

We deliver all inflatables at no additional cost.



Bounce houses get really dirty- they are outside in all types if weather! You will typically find do-it-yourself places or inexpensive operators don't take the time to properly clean and sanitize the inflatable, although some do. Ask about their cleaning policies.

Sanitize? Yes- this is important. Inflatable Bounce houses are active places full of little people bouncing against the floors, walls, and pillars in hot conditions- often face first and loving it! You want to feel secure that the surfaces they are coming in contact with are clean and germ-free.

Companies that properly clean and sanitize their inflatable units ensure that germs don't spread from one party to the next.


Here at Comic Jumps, we clean and sanitize our inflatables after every rental. This is the reason why we don’t double and triple book units in the same day. Every unit comes back to our warehouse to get vacuumed and sanitized using non-toxic hypoallergenic products. This process insures that all our inflatables are clean and inspected for safe operation for the next rental.



Deposits vary by area- in highly competitive areas, you may not be required to send in a deposit but in most areas of the country rental companies do require a deposit of some sort- a credit card number or a mailed deposit. This ensures the equipment you want is reserved for the date and time you requested.

Find out under what conditions your deposit is refundable. How long do you have to cancel? How is weather cancellations handled? What about refunds or re-scheduling?

While we want to believe our party will go off smoothly, reality is that the weather may not cooperate specially in the winter month, or any of a number of things can happen that might cause you to cancel or reschedule. If a deposit is required, make sure you get it in on time or you may lose your reservation!


We don’t require a deposit our customers have a choice to pay for their rental at the time of reserving or to our drivers at the time of delivery. We do require a credit card to be on file at the time of reserving.



Typically, if you rent an inflatable, you are expected to provide an electrical outlet. Be sure to test outdoor outlets as they are likely to go bad and if you don't use them often, you may not be aware if they don't work until the time of setup! Plug a hair dryer into the outlet and let it run at high a few minutes to test.

For events that aren't near an electrical source, you'll need a generator. Many rental companies have them or can get them for you- if not you can pick one up yourself at a local rental store. Make sure you know how to operate it and how long a tank of gas will last if you are doing it yourself.


We do rent generators and can provide you with the run time information as will. This makes it easy for our customers and it takes all the guess work out.


Setup Area 

You'll need a relatively flat area at least 2' bigger all around than the size of the inflatable. It's best to make sure you have enough room ahead of time by measuring or at least walking off the area so that you don't have to rearrange your plans at the last minute.

Check for bushes or tree branches in the way and make sure there are no power lines or overhanging branches overhead.

Clear the area of rocks, twigs, pinecones, or other obstructions and check for dog leave-behinds, or anything else that might be in the way.

Do you have an irrigation system? If your Bounce House is staying over night Please shut it off so it doesn’t soak the Inflatable at the regular watering time. This saves you the time of drying out the Bounce House before using it the following day.


Have Fun 

Bounce Houses are impressive, exciting, and fun! Your house or business will be the center of attention when the Bounce House is up and running, so enjoy it and get lots of pictures of those little ones having the time of their lives. They'll always remember it and so will you.


Here at Comic Jumps we try to provide you our customer with the best service possible at a very competitive price.   Our customers return to us year after year because they know they will get on time delivery and clean safe bounce house for their children to enjoy. We will not cut any corners to be the cheapest priced company; we put the safety and health of your little ones on the top of our priority list.