Comic Jumps in San Francisco CA: What to Expect

Comic Jumps Slip n SlideComic Jumps in San Francisco CA is a kid’s party rental company. It was started in 2003 to provide parents with options when it came to planning parties. The company provides rental equipment for parties as well as inflatables. Over the years, they have diversified to provide a wider variety of products for clientele. Today they provide bounce houses, entertainers, fun food machines, balloon delivery among others. The following is a deeper look into some of the products available at this party rental company.  Continue reading “Comic Jumps in San Francisco CA: What to Expect”

An Affordable and Fun Party with Comic Jumps

Comic Jumps Dream CastleParties can be tough to plan, especially if you have a child that has friends with varying interests. If they are younger, and you want to do something outdoors, why not work with a rental company to help you plan for the party. Party rentals from Comic Jumps are not only affordable, but they will also be the one stop solution for all party needs. From seating and tables for dining, to music entertainment, outdoor electricity needs, and fun activities and games for the kids, they provide everything you need to host an excellent party that your kids and their friends will enjoy. Continue reading “An Affordable and Fun Party with Comic Jumps”

Make Your Graduation Party Memorable

Comic Jumps PopcornGraduation parties are often thrown to celebrate the hard work and determination that scholars put towards their academic achievements. Nonetheless, cplanning such an event isn’t easy and one may need to enlist the services of a professional party organizer like Comic Jumps. To host a successful event there are certain products and supplies that would be required. Since most of this equipment is expensive, most people prefer renting it instead of buying. Moreover, leasing these supplies is convenient and cost effective since one would probably not be using them again after the event. Chairs and tables aren’t the only things that would be required.

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Great Ideas to Celebrate Memorial Day

Comic Jumps Lil SlideMemorial Day is a significant day to say the least. It is a day when all the fallen servicemen are remembered for their ultimate sacrifice. It is because of this sacrifice that we can enjoy all manner of freedoms and lead happy lives with our children. In this light, when this day comes around, it is worth celebrating every moment. In addition to paying tribute in your locality with a march or procession, there is need to have a party! This is the best time to introduce your kids to this day so that they can cherish it. Here are great ideas on how to celebrate Memorial Day in style. Comic Jumps has everything to make your party the best ever.

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Planning the Best Spring School Fundraiser


big kahuna Comic JumpsIf you’re planning a special event such as a school fundraiser, company picnic, family reunion, or birthday party that you want to be entertaining and fun for everyone, then you should consider employing the help of a professional party rental supply company like Comic Jumps. We make your job and life much easier when planning an event that’s sure to be a big hit with guests both young and old alike.

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Benefits of Having an Outdoor Wedding


Outdoor Comic JumpsOne of the most important events in a person’s life is his or her wedding day or ceremony. Today, more and more people prefer outdoor weddings to the traditional indoor wedding. An outdoor wedding is very romantic and it is like Mother Nature lends some of her glory to the wedding. This is a reason why most weddings are taking place outdoors. However in order to have a memorable outdoor wedding, a few things must be taken into consideration; for example, you need to have all your logistics and contingency plans well planned out. The following are the benefits of having an outdoor wedding;

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Tips to Have a Great Easter Party

easter-party_bEaster is a once a year celebration that a lot of people wait for with eager anticipation. This is not surprising as Easter is synonymous with fun and excitement with its Easter egg hunt, colorful eggs, bunnies, chicks and chocolates. Most families have their own special way of celebrating Easter, but there is always room for improvement. If you want to host an Easter party that will be filled with excitement, then you are in the right spot as the rest of the article is going to offer a few tips to have a great Easter party.  Continue reading “Tips to Have a Great Easter Party”

Choosing The Food Menu For A Themed Party



Selecting the food menus for a themed party does not have to be as difficult as it seems. In fact, you can rely on Comic Jumps for everything. From bounce houses to carnival games and rides, slides or inflatable water slides, you can have a carnival right in your backyard for the kids. Regardless of their age, a carnival themed party with fun games, carnival games, and carnival foods is something that all kids and adults in attendance are going to enjoy when you are hosting a party for your child.  Continue reading “Choosing The Food Menu For A Themed Party”