Taking Advantage Of Winter Discount Coupons!!!

Every year there comes a time when big Santa descends upon us in order to shower us with whatever little the old man can provide. Yes, with Christmas just breath away, kids are expecting from their parents if not Santa for something special. Fortunately, popular bounce house rental firms make the entire scenario incredibly easy by introducing path breaking bounce houses and jumper rental each year. ComicJumps for instance has as many as many five 36 feet slide and bounce houses that can be set up within beaches with ease. Besides, when it comes to hosting parties within areas such as San Carlos bay, there is no better way to host a party than to make the entire theme beach style.

Beach themes always were a popular choice as that’s one theme that supports extravagant color and design styles. Interestingly, clients aren’t just pleased with big inflatable’s, they are more interested in creating a complete event where both parents and kids and co-exist together. As a result, you do get rental firms offering stuffs such as Margarita machines, Hot dog steamer, Sno-Kone machine, Popcorn machine, balloons, etc. Hosting the perfect event isn’t that easy. Not only do clients require the right the party planner, they also require top rental firms such as ComicJumps to offer the supplies.

Interestingly, ComicJumps does make deals sound real sweet by offering clients discount coupons on every purchase. The coupons can be used to acquire heavy discounts on the rentals and this includes the likes of kids birthday party entertainers and even portable generators. Then again, the coupons are valid only until a certain period therefore unless clients are looking to make their second purchase late, then they may as well sell their discounts to obtain liquid cash.

Lately, ComicJumps were seen refreshing their line of birthday party entertainer as kids had demanded a refreshed line up in the summers. This winter ComicJumps do have quite number of surprises in store. Meanwhile, the latest winter coupons actually come up with significant amount of benefits to those that opt for bulk purchase. This is terribly important to understand as clients could easily rake up their discount margins through coupons with the right buying approach.

Celebrating Thanksgivings Day in San Carlos Bay Area

San Carlos bay might be a popular place for wind surfers, but beach parties have lately been the major talking point with rental firms such as comicjumps providing all the entertainment to little ones that live closely. As Thanksgivings Day nears, children are quite eager to shed off their study overdose only to let themselves loose on beaches. With the San Carlos bay area surrounded in sheer scenic beauty, beach parties would be the perfect foil to suit up the white sand and blue murky waters. Thanks to upheaval of facets like bounce house rental and jumper rentals, Thanksgivings Day’s can now be even more fun.

According to comicjumps, online retailer of professional jumper rental, the whole idea of beach parties is having fun within natural surroundings. Some of the bigger bounce houses to have come out of comicjumps easily measure close to 36 ft in length and width, which is undoubtedly quite enormous for any surrounding. Fortunately, such kind of fun slide and surf rentals are just the idea match for the beach. Interestingly, to mark the occasion of Thanksgivings Day, comicjumps is now offering prospective clients the option to rent any inflatable for a period of 3 days, but customers would only need to pay the rent for just the 1 day. Therefore clients could well have their inflatable’s delivered on Wednesday, while the props will get picked up on Friday.

While bounce house rentals are the popular choice of kids, children’s also love to spend time with their favorite on screen and comic heroes, which is why companies like comicjumps devote time to bring out highly authentic birthday party entertainer. Both San Francisco and the Bay area happen to have a large population of kids under the age of 10 that take pride in their favorite comic and TV characters. To help matters, comicjumps devotes a special team to prepare kids birthday party entertainers in a realistic manner. As parents, this is arguably the most rewarding circumstance as they wouldn’t need to bank upon other rental firms to get the job done. Besides, parents worried about delivery troubles can virtually breathe a sigh of relief with comicjumps as the firm does have its own delivery unit that can delivery to any specific area of choice within the following areas: San Carlos CA , San Francisco and San Carlos bay area. Interestingly, parents don’t have to worry about security as firms like comicjumps take extra pain in double checking their inflatable’s and other rental units before installation.

How to Organize a Perfect Thanksgiving Party?

~ If you possess the avid desire of throwing a Thanksgiving Party along with your family for all the good things in life, here are some of the ideas that might be helpful while arranging the party.

Party Themes

In order to administer the entire party in a proficient manner, it is very important to think about a proper theme. However, the theme should always harmonize with the spirit of the holiday or the season of autumn. For further clarifications, you are most welcome to take the mere assistance of ComicJumps, a well known manufacturer of the party rentals bay area and inflatable rentals San Francisco.

The Mere Decoration

Again, the decoration of the party should be organized in such a manner that all the guests would be able to enjoy the very flavor of the occasion in an effervescent manner. You can certainly opt for the brown, rust or the golden colors of autumn which will acclimatize well with the occasion. An individual can also decorate the buffet table with scented candles and clusters convoyed with a bunch of berries and apples. You are also solely entitled to rent a wide range of bounce houses from ComicJumps. It generally consists of- Alien Planet 4 IN 1 Combo, Animal Farm 5 IN 1 Combo, Batman 4 IN 1 Combo, Buzz Lightyear 5 IN 1 Combo and lots more.


Games can truly be denoted as a chief and essential attributer of a Thanksgiving Party. Evaluating this fact, ComicJumps, a leading exponent of kids party supplies plays a pivotal role in respect of catering you with a variety of games such as, Bean Bag Toss, Parachute, Bubble Machine, Sports Galore, Spin Art etc.

Foods and Beverages

Foods have always been the centre of attraction in a Thanksgiving Party. Resembling with the others, here also ComicJumps have taken firm initiatives and will competently proffer you with some of the top notch food machines like – Cotton Candy, Hot Dog Steamer, Sno-Kone and Popcorn Machine.

Party Favors

Favors are usually kind of thanking your guests for attending this party and making it as a momentous one. Hence, candy, gumballs being wrapped in orange papers and tied off in the form of little pumpkins are being considered as an excellent party favor for this auspicious occasion.

Children’s Party Rentals Bay Area

~ Children like to have a lot of fun. Partying is a great way of a fun retreat for your children, especially if it is in a bay. Throwing a beach party for your children is the simply an unforgettable experience. Invite in a lot of friends and family children to fill his or her party with fun and frolic. A beach party is a great way of celebrating birthdays, holidays or simply the party fervour.

If there is a party, there has to be some food and drinks. With refreshments, a party can be boring and tiresome. Since, it is a beach party; it is not possible to make arrangements for barbeque and other heavy meals. Light foods like hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candies, sno-kones are hot favourites of kids. Light refreshing beverages like slushies and margaritas are also as well liked by children.

Though, very light, preparing these foods is quite difficult without proper equipments. Being an outdoor party, carrying equipments is indispensible, which hardly a few people will want to do. However, the food has also to be served. In order to make both ends meet, childrens party rentals Bay area are available. Comicjumps is one of the very few companies that provide childrens party rentals Bay area to far stretched parts of the country. They deliver the rental items at your doorstep without any delay such as jumper rentals, or bounce house rental San Francisco.

The childrens party rentals Bay area come accompanied with all the necessary supplements. For the popcorn machine, each 70 servings will be charged with $ 10. The delivery charge is around $ 25, but if the unit is rented along with a bounce house, it will be made free of cost. The same applies for the hot dog steamer. The Sno-kone machine offers four flavours of syrups and cups. The cotton candy machine offers delicious floss sugar and sticks.

These machines are very fast and they are charged according to the number of servings they produce. The food machines are known to make very tasty foods and if served hot and simply yummy. Go ahead and try them for a lip smacking taste of refreshments.

Incredible Discount Codes For Children’s Party Rentals!

~ Partying with children on the bay is a great idea, but arranging all the necessary bits and pieces for it is difficult. This is because of the lack of wide availability of them in the beach side locations. Carrying all the bric-a-brac with you from home is another problematic thing. So availing the childrens party rentals Bay area is the only easy way out of it.

In ComicJumps, you will get all the materials and services necessary for a smashing party for your children. Food machines like hotdog steamers, popcorn, cotton candy, sno-kone machines are available. Beverage machines to make delicious margarita and slushies are also obtainable from here. Besides these, fun equipments like jumper rentals and bounce house rental San Francisco are delivered at your doorstep on demand. Decorative items like balloons and helium tanks are also offered on rentals. Besides these, all other possible services to make a children’s party utterly delightful are a part of their inventory.

You might well get sceptical about the price charged for all these incredible rental products and services. To ease your fear, ComicJumps has a wide array of discounts and coupons on offer.

On an order of rentals over $ 160, a discount coupon of $ 10 is applicable. This coupon expires on 1st of September, 2010. A greater discount of $ 20 is also available, but this is only applicable for order of rentals over $ 260. This discount will also expire on the 1st of September. The final and the last offer up till the month of September is a hefty discount coupon of $ 30. This off applies on orders that are greater than $ 290. The codes for the above three discount coupons are CJ0811, CJ0821 and CJ0831. These special gestures brought upon by the company get updated every month.

ComicJumps provides discounts for other childrens party rentals Bay area like bounce house rentals and other inflatable items. You can visit their official website – http://www.comicjumps.com to view other offers on circulation. Thus you can get all the party rentals at a comfortable rate and save some money as well.