Let the Children Bounce for Joy

comic jumps 5 n 1 comboWhy do Kids Love Bounce Houses?

There are a number of reasons why small children so enjoy inflatable bounce houses. First off, children only get to experience the joy of bouncing for hours on end during special occasions such as birthday parties. The bounce house is like a treat which they will cherish, because they don’t know when they’ll have another opportunity to bounce like that. Second off, the bounce houses themselves are so festive and colorful that they automatically draw the attention of all children. They’re even available with the motifs of famous animated characters such as Batman and Scooby Doo. There’s even a Disney Princess bounce house which would make any little girl’s birthday party more special. Likewise, the military camouflage bounce house would perfectly complement any little boy’s party. At Comic Jumps, we have quite the selection of bounce houses. There is something to please any youngster. Continue reading “Let the Children Bounce for Joy”

Fall Activities for Kids

comic jumps obstacleFall is a great time of year as it is neither too hot nor too cold. There are also various kid-related occasions during fall, such as those hectic days when school starts again, and Halloween. If you are thinking about organizing a party or an event for your kids and their friends, you should think about some fall activities that will keep them occupied and entertained. Continue reading “Fall Activities for Kids”

Rent The Best Inflatables For The Appropriate Age Group

comic jumps buzz lightyearOne of the many benefits of party rentals and inflatables is that they are very versatile, and they guarantee the success of every event. Inflatables and bounce houses can cheer up everybody from the smallest child to the oldest and most serious adult – they simply have that effect on people, and this is one of the many reasons why inflatables are so sought after these days. The safety of the children is by far the most important aspect every concerned parent takes into account, and in addition to making sure that the inflatables are cleaned and made of safe and fully compliant material, it is also important to check and see the recommended age group for that particular inflatable. At Comic Jumps in San Franciso, we have inflatables suitable for all age groups. Here are some guidelines that will help you rent the best inflatables for the appropriate age group: Continue reading “Rent The Best Inflatables For The Appropriate Age Group”

Hosting a Fall Harvest Party with the Help of Comic Jumps

Comic jumps mini basksetballHosting a Fall Harvest Party with party rentals from Comic Jumps is certainly a good idea, especially because kids, and adults too, absolutely love the fall. Not only is it the time when they’re preparing for a new school year when they can meet their friends, but it’s also the time when nature changes and offers all of us a spectacle of colors that is both beautiful and melancholic. So with no further ado, what are some great ideas that you could consider in order to throw an amazing autumn party that family and friends will never forget? Continue reading “Hosting a Fall Harvest Party with the Help of Comic Jumps”

Planning a Fundraiser for Your School with Party Rentals

Comic jumps dry slideNo matter what school you’re attending, you know very well that it’s only a matter of time until something breaks and needs to be replaced or when new equipment needs to be purchased in order to ensure the various branches of the school function properly. Even if students decide to contribute and help the school with money, sometimes their help may not be enough. The good news is that there is always the alternative of organizing a fundraiser and what better idea is there to organize one than by using inflatables? Comic Jumps in San Francisco is very capable of planning and setting up party rentals for your fundraiser. Continue reading “Planning a Fundraiser for Your School with Party Rentals”

Tips On How To Have A Great Back To School Party

Comic Jumps ObstacleA back to school party is a pleasurable way to get children and their friends all set for the new school year. Heading back to school can be scary to some kids but to others it is just normal. However, you can make this experience a little easier and fun for the kids by planning a simple back to school party that is inspired by a real school setting or theme. Comic Jumps is a professional party planning company, and we have what you need for your party! The following are tips on how to have a great back to school party: Continue reading “Tips On How To Have A Great Back To School Party”

Throwing An Unforgettable Circus Themed Birthday Party

Comic Jumps CircusThrowing a Circus Themed Birthday Party is something that every kid will dream about sooner or later, and that is because there is something magical and sometimes even mystical about the circus. As a parent though, if you want to ensure your kids and probably their friends who they’re going to invite are going to have fun, you need to be well prepared and surprise them at least three times during the day. How can you do that? Well, let’s see below! Also keep in mind that Comic Jumps, the party professionals, has everything needed for an unforgettable party! Continue reading “Throwing An Unforgettable Circus Themed Birthday Party”