Rent The Best Inflatables For The Appropriate Age Group

comic jumps buzz lightyearOne of the many benefits of party rentals and inflatables is that they are very versatile, and they guarantee the success of every event. Inflatables and bounce houses can cheer up everybody from the smallest child to the oldest and most serious adult – they simply have that effect on people, and this is one of the many reasons why inflatables are so sought after these days. The safety of the children is by far the most important aspect every concerned parent takes into account, and in addition to making sure that the inflatables are cleaned and made of safe and fully compliant material, it is also important to check and see the recommended age group for that particular inflatable. At Comic Jumps in San Franciso, we have inflatables suitable for all age groups. Here are some guidelines that will help you rent the best inflatables for the appropriate age group:

1. Children Aged Three To Six

First and foremost, it is important to say that inflatables are not recommended for children younger than three years of age, as the risk of injury is too high. Secondly, children aged 3 to 6 years old are allowed to use standard bounce houses and other similar inflatables as they do not pose any risk in particular. However, parents are advised to opt for small and medium-sized bouncers for the little ones, as the large ones are simply too big. At Comic Jumps, we have toddler units specifically for this age group. There is the mini castle in addition to several themed units that are very attractive and enticing to this age group.

2. Children Aged Seven To Twelve

The second age group has a wider opening when it comes to inflatables, as they are better off with a bigger bouncer. Children grow very quickly these days, and it is better to opt for a slightly larger bouncer for them to jump and bounce freely without bumping into each other. An inflatable combo bouncer often happens to be the best choice, as kids within this age bracket tend to be the most energetic, and a combo bouncer would not only allow them to jump up and down, but to go down the slider that is embedded in it as well. There is a huge selection of jumpers and combo units in our inventory that are very appealing to this age group. It is very hard sometimes to choose just one or two units since there are so many units that the kids will love.

3. Teenagers Aged 13 And Above

These are the oldest ones of all the age groups, and they are starting to grow into adulthood which means that regular bouncers and inflatables no longer appeal to them. Fortunately, there are plenty of other party rentals and inflatables that are guaranteed to draw their attention. Water slides, bouncy boxing castles, obstacle courses or bungee runs are undoubtedly their favorites. Interactive and perfect for both teenagers and adults, these commercial bouncers can handle three to four times the regular weight of a child. At Comic Jumps, we have slides, both wet or dry, which interest this age group. Additionally, the 30′ backyard obstacle challenge will keep the older kids engaged for hours.

Give us a call today at Comic Jumps and let us help you choose the perfect inflatables for your next party!