Summer Family Beach Bash: Fun Has No Limits This Summer

Comic Jumps Disney ComboMany parents are already aware of the fact that kids who play video games in their bedroom all day long are not really going to enjoy their childhood as they should, and that is why parents always try to get them involved in outdoor activities that are meant to stir their curiosity about discovering and learning more about the world. Well, if you’re currently dealing with two kids who just don’t want to put their Xbox joysticks down and get outside and play, then maybe you’re not giving them a reason to do that. Therefore, how about organizing a Summer Family Beach Bash party? With some party rentals from Comic Jumps, your party will be a huge success!


Bouncing castle

You know very well that kids love to imagine that they are a valiant and powerful prince or maybe a very beautiful princess who is just waiting for her prince to come and save her. Because of that, how about getting them an inflatable castle so they can let their imagination break loose? In fact, if they don’t know what games to play, you could write a short script and make sure that you attribute various roles to your kids, but also to their friends (if you really want to ensure this will be fun).


Your son could be prince Arthur, while one of his friends can be Merlin the sorcerer and the rest of the kids can be the knights of the round table. Of course, you also need to make sure you give the negative roles to other kids you’ve invited to the party, as this is the only way you can have a real play.


Dunk tanks

Do you remember how much fun you used to have when you’d have to shoot a nerf gun or throw a tennis ball and attempt to hit the right spot so that the guy sitting in the dunk tank could fall into the water? Well then, if you loved that as a kid, then your kids will certainly love it. In fact, how about you being the one who is going to wait for someone to hit the target right in the middle so that you can experience how it feels to fall into a tank full of water? I can already imagine how many laughs this will cause.


With that being said, throwing a Summer Family Beach Bash party is definitely a great way to ensure that fun has no limits for your kids as they are going to enjoy the ultimate party. Be sure you don’t forget about preparing some cold and delicious beverages and food for your kids to enjoy when they get thirsty and hungry. Speaking of food, at Comic Jumps, we have food machines that will surely fill the bill. We have cotton candy, popcorn, snow cones, and a hot dog steamer.


Call us today at Comic Jumps and let us help you plan a terrific party! We are party professionals.