Avoid Etiquette Errors At Outdoor Events This Summer

comic balloonsIn the summertime there are all kinds of fun, casual events to attend. From weddings to picnics to barbecues, there is no shortage of outdoor events to enjoy during the summer months. It may seem that since these events are held out of doors you could take an “anything goes” approach in terms of dress and even behavior; however, nothing could be further from the truth. Indoors or outdoors, hosts want their parties and events to go well, so you should always mind your P’s and Q’s. In this article we will share some smart tips for avoiding common outdoor event etiquette errors. There may be party rentals from Comic Jumps at the event. In this case, be considerate of others and oversee your children as they play on the equipment. 

Be Helpful, Not Pushy!

When you respond to your invitation, ask if there is anything you can do to help. If you are taken up on your offer, follow through graciously. Don’t just show up and start doing things, or worse yet, giving advice on doing things. Your host knows how he or she wants things done. Your unsolicited help and advice will only get in the way.

The same holds true of food. When you respond to your invitation, see if there is anything you can bring. Don’t just show up with food or beverages. Your host has planned the event, and your items might not fit in.

Observe Proper Hygiene

Barbecue, corn on the cob, fried chicken and other delectable summer foods are certainly finger-lickin’ good, but don’t do it! Use your napkin to avoid causing other party-goers to cringe. Likewise, remember to wash your hands when appropriate. If others observe you licking your fingers, double dipping, handling food with dirty hands and otherwise making yourself a threat to public health, you may find your invitations to summer events dropping off sharply.

Maintain An Appropriate Demeanor

Remember that, indoors or out, weddings are important events, corporate functions are business and picnics are generally intended to be safe and family friendly. For this reason, you should always dress neatly and appropriately and groom yourself properly to attend a function. You don’t want to overdress, but you also should not consider an outdoor event to be an opportunity to “let it all hang out”. You don’t want to be the most memorable part of the event for all the wrong reasons.

TIP: Consume alcohol with care. Hot temperatures and thirst can cause a couple of drinks to go straight to your head. Quench your thirst with water and drink alcohol judiciously or not at all.

Don’t Leave A Mess

Just because you are outside doesn’t mean you can just drop trash on the ground or leave it on the table to be blown away by the wind. Be sure to put your disposable plates and cutlery and your empty beverage containers into the proper receptacles. When you see an item that needs to be picked up and disposed of properly, do so. At the end of the event, offer to help clean up if that seems appropriate. Be considerate to other party-goers, your host and the next group to use the space (if you are in a public park) by leaving no trace of your presence.

Enjoy Yourself And Help Others Have A Good Time

Outdoor events are fun and relaxing. They provide an excellent opportunity for people of all ages to mingle, socialize, play and get to know one another. Remember to watch your children as they play on the rental party equipment from Comic Jumps. When you remember to mind your manners and be considerate of others, you will be remembered as a delightful guest who is welcome at any event.