Great Ideas to Celebrate Memorial Day

Comic Jumps Lil SlideMemorial Day is a significant day to say the least. It is a day when all the fallen servicemen are remembered for their ultimate sacrifice. It is because of this sacrifice that we can enjoy all manner of freedoms and lead happy lives with our children. In this light, when this day comes around, it is worth celebrating every moment. In addition to paying tribute in your locality with a march or procession, there is need to have a party! This is the best time to introduce your kids to this day so that they can cherish it. Here are great ideas on how to celebrate Memorial Day in style. Comic Jumps has everything to make your party the best ever.

Go for a military themed slide combo inflatable bounce house

Inflatable bounce houses will not just bring maximum fun, they will remind the party why the day is important. It is a way to spark discussion with kids and to inform them what the military is and why they are important. As they have fun, it is wise to remind them of the sacrifices that have been made to enjoy modern freedoms in this country. Therefore, parents can kill two birds with a single throw by adding fun in the party for their kids and talking about the glory of this special day.

Utilize jumpers

Another great way to add spice to your party for your kids is to hire jumpers. The good thing is that you can also get military themed jumpers to commemorate the special day. Jumpers provide loads of fun for adults as well as kids. Jumpers add a centerpiece to your space so that your friends can admire the kids as they sip their drinks. On the other hand, kids can fully express themselves by jumping away. The good news is that these jumpers are readily available to your delight. Adding a military theme will keep the focus on the reason for the party.

Hire a comic character

Imagine the red tickle monster or a fairy princess entertaining your party. This is possible and the best thing is that they can entertain your party carrying the theme of the day, Memorial Day. This way kids will enjoy fun games and learn something they will not forget on this special day. Do not worry about where to get these characters because they are available for hire. Other characters to find are sponge boy, iron guy, happy clown, beautiful mermaid, the list goes on. The exciting thing is that you can hire these characters at the same place you rent your themed inflatables and jumpers.

Get thoughtful happy games

To bring your Memorial Day party to life, get some fun games. Good ideas are boxing gloves, bubble machines, bean bag toss, parachute, spin art; to mention but a few. All the games above can be mixed with the theme and have all the participants learn a vital lesson about why this day is worth celebrating. In essence, you need to be creative and not lose focus in this regard.

There are many other ideas that will help you throw a wonderful party that incorporates kids on this day. The most important thing is to appreciate the fallen heroes because their sacrifice was not in vain. Contact Comic Jumps and let them help you plan your celebration!