Planning the Best Spring School Fundraiser


big kahuna Comic JumpsIf you’re planning a special event such as a school fundraiser, company picnic, family reunion, or birthday party that you want to be entertaining and fun for everyone, then you should consider employing the help of a professional party rental supply company like Comic Jumps. We make your job and life much easier when planning an event that’s sure to be a big hit with guests both young and old alike.

Comic Jumps will deliver, set-up, and then breakdown their equipment such as concession stands, inflatable games, helium tanks, and more. This leaves you more time to concentrate on more important things like enjoying the festivities.

For fun in the sun that will keep the kids highly entertained for hours on end, the water slides are always a big hit and never fail to please. These slides also offer the ideal photo opportunity for parents, so be sure to tell your guests to bring their cameras.

Outdoor Games and Inflatables

1. Waterslides:

Waterslides come in all shapes, sizes, and themes. The Big Kahuna is extremely popular and offers a 17 foot drop into a safety pool of water that explodes with a big splash after every run.

2. Surf N Splash:

The Surf N Splash is another entertaining inflatable and acts similar to the popular slip n slide.

3. Bubble Maker Machine:

Bubble makers add life, interest, and fun to any event. Place them near the water slide or other areas around the party and get a kick out of people’s reactions.

4. Spin Art Machine:

Watch as the kids create masterpieces with any color under the rainbow with the spin art station.

5. Bean Bag Toss:

The ever popular bean bag toss is available in a number of targets and is ideal for indoor fun with the kids.


The kids always enjoy fun characters, and Comic Jumps has all types for you to choose from including: Beautiful Mermaid, Big Bird, Princess Bella, Snow White Princess, elves, hoola dancers, Sponge Bob, and more.

It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan for indoors just in case the weather gets bad


1. Snow Cone Machines:

Concession stands include snow cone machines with an assortment of colorful flavors including: root beer, orange, cherry, green apple, and berry blue.

2. Hot Dog Steamer Machines:

Everyone loves a steaming hot dog! With the hot dog steamer, your guests will serve themselves, and you will enjoy your friends and family.

3 Cotton Candy Machines:

Cotton Candy a great treat for the kids; it adds life to any party, and the kids absolutely love to watch the candy making process. Not to mention that they love the way it melts in their mouths as well!

4. Frozen Drink and Margarita Machine:

These machines are crowd pleasers on the hotter days of summer. They can be used indoors or outside in the yard as well. Adult beverages with alcohol can be made, or children’s slushies that are colorful, healthy, and served ice-cold.

In addition to the drink, hot dog, and candy machines, they also provide tables and chairs to accommodate all your guests, party tents to protect from all types of weather, generators to deliver the power where you need it, and much more. They even carry oversize coolers to keep all the drinks ice cold.

You can also get party balloons with a variety of themes and other celebration decorations that add life and color to any event. So the next school fundraiser or other special event you host, don’t take on the whole project yourself. Get the help of a reliable party rental company like Comic Jumps who will help you with your party from start to finish.