Party Rentals for Spring

Spring Party

If you are planning a party for your child in the Spring, there are a number of great party rentals for spring from Comic Jumps for parents to choose from. No matter what age the kids are, a fun themed party, is a great idea. And, with various rental ideas, you are bound to find something for boys or girls, and any fun things your children are currently in to, with our large inventory.

Bounce House Fun

If you have younger kids, bounce houses are the way to go. You can find themed bounce houses, you can rent obstacle course bouncers, there are dry slides, wet water slides, and more. Kids will not only be spending time outside, they are also going to be able to play interactive games, and get in a great workout in these bouncers, all while having fun, in a themed environment with characters they love.

Games For Older Kids

If you have kids who are a little older, bounce houses might not be the top choice. But fun carnival games might be. You can rent ring toss or bean bag games, boxing gloves to have friendly matches, or even a bubble machine to create a fun outdoor atmosphere. Best of all, with these games, the parents can get involved as well, and the kids can compete with their parents.


If your kids love Disney princess or other Disney characters, the party rentals for spring from Comic Jumps also has character costumes for the day. Along with the bounce houses and other fun interactive games, you can have someone dress up as a favorite character to make the day complete.

Food and Drinks

Cotton candy, popcorn, hot dogs, and sno cone makers are all available. You don’t have to cook, plus, there is something that everyone in attendance is going to enjoy. For the adults, margarita machines are a great addition. If it is a hot day outside, or if you need a drink because of all of the commotion, this is the ideal way to get it in. With one and two flavor options, you can create an adult and kid version (virgin cocktails) as well.


So you don’t have to do it all yourself, helium tanks, chairs and tables, tents, and balloons can all be rented through Comic Jumps as well. By renting everything you need in one place, not only does it eliminate the stress of having to do the hard work, it also brings the cost down for the party that you are hosting for your kids.

No two kids are alike and for this reason, no two parents are going to plan different parties for their children in the same way. If you want a stress free way to plan your next party, then the many party rentals for spring from Comic Jumps, is the ideal stress free way to plan. No need to set up; they do all the work for you, and help you save on the cost of hosting the party as well.