Fun for Kids And Adults With Party Rentals

Popcorn 2660-th-01When it comes to hosting a party, things are much easier on the host when they have a little help from a party rental company. For those in the San Francisco Bay area, there are several great party rentals from Comic Jumps to help you set up any party you are going to host. With a variety of bouncers, inflatable games, food and drink makers, and tables, chairs, and tents, it is your one stop party supply provider, for any party or event.

Fun for the kids

There are several great bouncers to choose from. Inflatable games for the toddlers to themed bounce houses are some of the options parents can choose from when setting up their child’s party. Large, inflatable slides and water slides, are great for outdoor venues, especially on a warm summer afternoon. Interactive bouncers and fun mazes, will provide hours of outdoor fun, in a safe environment for the kids. With several themes and different sized bouncers, parents will find something for any child and their friends regardless of the age of the attendees for the party.

Fun for adults

On a hot summer afternoon, if parents are having a social gathering or event, margarita makers are the ideal source of entertainment for adults. With single and double slush margarita maker options, you can choose the traditional lime flavor, or add something fun like strawberry, or other great blends.

Fun for kids & adults

For a local school fair, fundraiser, birthday party, or family gathering, a great idea for a party would be a carnival themed event. With party rentals from Comic Jumps, you will find these as well. Popcorn makers, cotton candy makers, sno cone machines, and hot dog steamers, are great for any themed party or fair. Not only do these fun items eliminate the need to cook and prepare food for a party, they are also ideal for any party, as children and adults love all of these great snack options.

Chairs, tents, and tables

When setting up your party, family event, or fundraiser, the party rentals from Comic Jumps also includes these items. If you need a generator to power the bouncer and other items, you can find them; if you need several hundred chairs, long tables, or a large tent to cover the sun or other weather extremes, you can also find these available for rent. And, when party hosts rent everything together, they will find all necessary party supplies, for a discounted price.

Setting up a party, coming up with a theme, sending out invitations, and calling up guests, can be a hassle in and of itself. For this reason, a party host can use a little help, from a professional party supplies rental company. For hosts in the San Francisco Bay area, this is what you will get from Comic Jumps. Not only can you rent all party supplies from them, you will find themed items, and rentals for kids (and adults) of all ages, all for an affordable rental price.