Make Your Party A Success With Inflatables | San Francisco

LP-TODWhen looking for inflatables San Francisco it is important that you select the very best firm to provide you with the equipment that you need so as to make the birthday party or summer party a success. Some of the equipment that you should expect to find includes inflatables, generators and chairs. All these are geared towards making any party that you may be organizing for kids a success. Inflatables include:

Bounce and Slide Combo

These inflatables come in a wide variety of colors and shapes that make them very different. We have fire truck combos, Disney princess combos, alien planets combo, animal planet combo and many other themes. All these different themes that have been used in designing the bounce and slide combos so that kids can choose themes which they feel suit them. Even superhero themed bounce houses can be rented so your kid will get to play in a bounce house of his favorite superhero.

Inflatable Slides

We have slides that have designed only for the sheer fun of the kids. The slides are either dry or wet slides. The kids will get to splash a lot of water as they are sliding down the slides and this helps them enjoy the feeling even more. The slides can be used by more than two kids at a time. There is also the backyard obstacle challenge that also has a slide and kids get to play all sorts of games.


No kids party is complete without balloons. They are some of the most commonly used inflatables. Most of these balloons have been designed to last longer and are made of a tougher material meaning that they will not keep on bursting for no apparent reason. They have very many designs with some of the most popular ones being based on popular characters such as Ariel, Batman, Darth Vader, Cinderella, cookie monster, Disney Princess and many more popular designs. The characters that are used here would all appeal to kids of a young age. Other balloons have been designed with sports figures and sports in mind so that kids who are interested in sports are not left behind.

Water Inflatables

The kids are able to surf and slide on the water inflatables without a worry in the world. The inflatables come in different sizes and they can be used in your backyard. They have been designed to be used by children of varying ages so you do not have to be worried when you kids want to play with the water inflatables. They will most definitely be safe so long as you take safety precautions and you supervise minors as they play. The Big Kahuna wet is very popular with children.

Interactive Inflatables

When looking for inflatables, interactives are very important when holding any kids party to keep the kids busy. It is the perfect addition for any event that you are planning be it outdoor or indoor. Since the height of the interactive is very low it makes it portable and it can be used in a wide variety of places even those having small spaces.