Celebrate the First Birthday of Your Kid with the Toddler Units from the San Francisco Based Provider!

The first birthday of your kid is as important for you as the day when he or she was born. It is obvious for you to be desirous of celebrating the completion of one year of the little bundle of joy that has come to your life. However, the firth birthday celebration of the child necessitates careful planning and a consideration of the fact that the entertainment of the child is of primary importance. You can certainly invite your friends and acquaintances and ask them to come over to your place with their kids too but then, you have to make sure that the little ones are allowed to have fun.

Arranging for the food and drinks that will satisfy your guest is easier than doing things that bring a smile on the lips of your child. ComicJumps, a San Carlos CA based company and a prominent supplier of the Bay area party rentals can actually come to your rescue. The company puts up a range of the toddler units apart from the other bounce houses or combo units they feature.

The toddler units that you can get from ComicJumps are ideally suited for the very little ones. Made with soft and fire- retardant materials, the play structures are designed in a manner that never allow the children to trip or get hurt by any other ways. The company ensures that all the kids party supplies and especially, the toddler units are manufactured abiding by the highest safety standards.  You have the option of choosing from a broad range of the units, which include the Mini Castle, the Animal Kingdom Toddler Unit, the Rescue Squad Toddler Unit and so on. The sheer range of the kids birthday party supplies will essentially make you spoil for a choice.

Some of the toddler units, the Little Builders Toddler Unit for example, not just offer fun to the kids but also help improve their intelligence level by means of solving puzzle. With the party rentals Bay area provider, ComicJumps, you can now organize the first birthday of your kid in a unique way.