Discovering The Best Bounce House Rental And Excellent Water Slide Offers At ComicJumps

~ With the mercury rising on the arrival of spring, the time is just right to start over outdoor parties as this season ComicJumps has loads of innovative fun and games on offer. While last spring saw the arrival of new bounce house rental and jumper rental, this season ComicJumps is going to be all about incredibly big Water Inflatable’s.

Experience tells us that children’s always enjoy the added bonuses on their rides. With water Inflatable’s, it’s simply like stretching those boundaries to yet another grade. Children will for certain adore such props as it allows them to not just slide around, but in reality play with water which is rather cool. Recent times have seen San Carlos CA go through a lot of birthday parties during winter. While most children had supposedly desired for beach parties, but wintery conditions got better of them as they had to be contended with just the usual birthday party entertainer. However, with spring setting in, parents can now redeem themselves by recreating the same fulfilled birthday party atmosphere with their promised beach theme in place.

Incidentally, ComicJumps have brought in the several new slides such as ‘Lil’ Splash Water Slide’, ‘Surf N Slide Single’ and the ultra big ‘Kahuna Wet / Dry’ slide that compliment beach themes extremely well. While all of them do offer extreme levels of entertainment, but they are also composed of industry standard build materials that are entirely lead free. Usually parents are at times worried about accidents taking place as these slides are gigantic in size. Then again, ComicJumps have always designed inflatables with children in mind. The slides have special cushioning on all sides that ensure optimal protection at all times. Besides, the slides also come with built in protective stair units that make certain kids are safe from falling off.

The biggest of them all ‘The Big Kahuna wet/dry’ slide, is just the perfect foil for hosting the best beach birthday bash in San Carlos CA. With an incredible 17 feet plunge into water waiting to be conquered, children’s will have a great time cooling off their heels. Besides, parents can even add special kids birthday party entertainers to the atmosphere to bring out the perfect beach part theme.