The Toy for Tots Program Caters with a Humanitarian Outlook…

~ The Toys for Tots Program is an innovative approach, which is being proficiently conducted by the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve with the sole purpose of catering gifts to the poor and needy children during the auspicious occasion of Christmas. However, it is strictly mandatory that all the toys will be brand new and unpacked. Recently, ComicJumps, a leading exponent of the inflatable rentals San Francisco and party rentals Bay Area has taken firm initiatives in respect of joining this humanitarian campaign.

These toys will convey a message of affection and love to all those kids who are suffering from the curse of poverty. It will also contribute a lot in respect of making them as responsible and patriotic citizens in the near future.

Historical Background

The Toys for Tots program initially commenced as a Los Angeles Charitable effort in 1947. Hendricks along with Lieutenant Colonel John Hampton can truly be denoted as the profounder of this event. Due to a massive success in their campaign, in the very next year the Toy for Tots Program was being officially inaugurated as a national campaign and eventually it attained huge popularity amongst the masses.

Various Activities

The coordinators of the Toy for Tots campaign cater with a variety of activities in front of the children. It generally consists of- foot races, golf tournaments, bicycle races and several other voluntary events convoyed with the monetary donations. All of these have been exclusively designed to enhance the mere interest in this mega event.

The toddlers are further provided with some of the attractive toys such as, Beautiful Mermaid, Cinderettie, Princess Bella, Fairy Princess, Peter Pan, Bat Guy, Snow Princess, Sleeping Princess, Elves and various others. All of these aforesaid products have been exclusively crafted by ComicJumps, a renowned rental place of the kids birthday party supplies.

The toys are usually distributed in all those communities where a Marine Corps Reserve Unit is situated. And in the communities without a Reserve Unit the campaign is usually conducted either by the Marine Corps League Detachment or the veteran marines, solely authorized by the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation.