The Toy for Tots Program Caters with a Humanitarian Outlook…

~ The Toys for Tots Program is an innovative approach, which is being proficiently conducted by the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve with the sole purpose of catering gifts to the poor and needy children during the auspicious occasion of Christmas. However, it is strictly mandatory that all the toys will be brand new and unpacked. Recently, ComicJumps, a leading exponent of the inflatable rentals San Francisco and party rentals Bay Area has taken firm initiatives in respect of joining this humanitarian campaign.

These toys will convey a message of affection and love to all those kids who are suffering from the curse of poverty. It will also contribute a lot in respect of making them as responsible and patriotic citizens in the near future.

Historical Background

The Toys for Tots program initially commenced as a Los Angeles Charitable effort in 1947. Hendricks along with Lieutenant Colonel John Hampton can truly be denoted as the profounder of this event. Due to a massive success in their campaign, in the very next year the Toy for Tots Program was being officially inaugurated as a national campaign and eventually it attained huge popularity amongst the masses.

Various Activities

The coordinators of the Toy for Tots campaign cater with a variety of activities in front of the children. It generally consists of- foot races, golf tournaments, bicycle races and several other voluntary events convoyed with the monetary donations. All of these have been exclusively designed to enhance the mere interest in this mega event.

The toddlers are further provided with some of the attractive toys such as, Beautiful Mermaid, Cinderettie, Princess Bella, Fairy Princess, Peter Pan, Bat Guy, Snow Princess, Sleeping Princess, Elves and various others. All of these aforesaid products have been exclusively crafted by ComicJumps, a renowned rental place of the kids birthday party supplies.

The toys are usually distributed in all those communities where a Marine Corps Reserve Unit is situated. And in the communities without a Reserve Unit the campaign is usually conducted either by the Marine Corps League Detachment or the veteran marines, solely authorized by the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation.

Planning The Perfect Winter Bash This Festive Season!

~ Yes, it’s that time of the year when Santa comes to your home to celebrate with you and your little ones. The time is just right to plan a memorable event to make this Christmas eventful with your kids. What is important though is bringing quality party entertainers and there are no better entertainers than Elf and Santa Claus to mesmerize the evening. If you are staying within San Francisco or the San Carlos bay area, then planning a beach party is probably the ideal way to approach things.

For the perfect beach party, your best party guide will be ComicJumps as they specialize in kids party supplies and other party rentals Bay Area. Well, this fall when everyone will be partying, the only way of getting noticed will be by acquiring the right props to the party and what better way to do than with ComicJumps. You can hire the latest Inflatable jumpers, Toddler units, Slides, Bounce & slide combo, Margarita machines and most importantly entertainers such as Elf and Santa clause to light up the environment.

Entertainers play a crucial role especially in a demanding environment such as your office. You can hire the services of Santa Claus and elf to relieve the stress levels of your colleagues and most crucially delight them with the presentation. Family gatherings could ideally host the same entertainers except that you can have additional games, jumpers, food machines etc to refresh the environment.

It all about making the occasion auspicious and making a name for yourself in being a wonderful host. Most children just adore party characters and inflatable rentals San Francisco. Besides, they love dressing in their favorite attire such as Sleeping Princess, Hula Girl, Happy clown, Cinderettie, rock star etc. These just makes the kids look more adorable and gives the party a colorful theme. The best part is, all these kids party supplies are completely lead free besides being made out of the highest quality materials.  Whether you are bringing the party home, to your family gatherings or to your office, it’s all about making the ambience pleasurable for everyone.

Kids Party Supplies for Child’s Autumn Birthday Party!

~ Autumn is already on cards, and if you are thinking of hosting your child’s birthday party in this beautiful season, then you have countless ideas to make it highly enjoyable and colorful. Think of a spot that will make it ideal. A bay area will be simply great for a birthday party with lots of sun and sandy beach for the kids to make merry.

ComicJumps can make the birthday party a memorable surprise for your child. You can decorate the party with amusing Inflatable Rentals San Francisco like jumpers, bounce houses, food machines, entertainers, etc. You can also arrange party games to fill it with events.

Jumpers and bounce houses of standard size 15×15 unit of all types like Disney Princess, Little Mermaid, Princess and the Frog, Tinkerbell, Birthday Cake, Hanna, Castle, Dream Castle, Manny, Hello Kitty, Princess Tiana, Sea World, Puppy Kitten, Mickey Fun Factory, Train Jump, etc. are available. These kids party supplies can be set up in just about 15 minutes. They are completely lead-free and safe for children.

Food machines like Hotdog steamers, cotton candy makers, popcorn machines, Sno-kone machines can also be brought for little refreshments for the children. Light refreshments will keep them active to enjoy throughout the day. ComicJumps provide these party rentals Bay Area food machines on rent. The Cotton candy machine serves 70 and takes $25 for rental. The company presents combo offers that are quite moneysaving. They charge similar rates for the other food machines with free delivery.

To make your child’s party more lively, you can hire vibrant characters that will bring the party to life. Entertainers like Strawberry Girl, Hula Girl, Princess Bella, Happy clown, Cinderettie, Butterfly, Sleeping Princess, Train Engineer, Hannah the rock star, Prince Charming Bat Guy, bouncing Tiger, Arabian Princess, etc. All these bunch characters and a lot more are available in Comic Jump. Each character performs different party games and shows to entertain the kids. They have different rental rates, depending on the duration of hire.

Apart from these, the company also sells Laytex balloons that can make the ambience even more motley and colorful.

Invest Wisely With November Coupons!

~ When cold fills the air, you know Christmas is just around the corner and there is a fair chance that your bonus might just get burned on the various Christmas parties you will need to host. Kids party supplies might cost you a fair bit but with November coupons on hand you might well hold your luck in saving your hard earned bonus. Well, ComicJumps is just the right answer to your problems as they not only have a whole host of party supplies, but they are of supreme quality and are completely lead-free.

ComicJumps brings to you a whole inventory of party rentals Bay Area, if you are planning to throw a party on the sunny shore. Even if you plan on having a blast in some other location, the company can provide you will all sorts of amusement goods for that. The ComicJumps November coupons have hit the store. The company is very well known among parents for the party supplies. Their goods are also very safe for the heath of infants and children.

For a party in this month, you can arrange some inflatable rentals San Francisco, like bounce houses and jumpers at a discounted rate. The rentals for party supplies are remarkably low at this time, as compared to the rest of the year. Your children will love to have amusing and living cartoon characters around them, to show them tricks and shows, during the party. Characters like Arabian Princess, Mickey Mouse, Elves, Clowns, Bouncing Tigers, etc. are all available at variable discounted rates. Your size of order will determine the kind of discount you will receive. The larger your order is, evidently, the more rebate you get.

You can make the party more refreshing by hiring some food and margarita machines for the children. A party without food is not fun. Preparing dishes for all the children is also quite cumbersome. Hence, hiring machines will make things readymade and easy. Each machine delivers about seventy servings, and the rates are charged at every 70 servings. You can bring in popcorn machines, Sno-kone machines, hot dog steamer, etc. for the kids. The discounts keep updating every month. So visit them frequently for more rebates. Find more about ComicJumps discount coupons HERE.

How to Organize a Perfect Thanksgiving Party?

~ If you possess the avid desire of throwing a Thanksgiving Party along with your family for all the good things in life, here are some of the ideas that might be helpful while arranging the party.

Party Themes

In order to administer the entire party in a proficient manner, it is very important to think about a proper theme. However, the theme should always harmonize with the spirit of the holiday or the season of autumn. For further clarifications, you are most welcome to take the mere assistance of ComicJumps, a well known manufacturer of the party rentals bay area and inflatable rentals San Francisco.

The Mere Decoration

Again, the decoration of the party should be organized in such a manner that all the guests would be able to enjoy the very flavor of the occasion in an effervescent manner. You can certainly opt for the brown, rust or the golden colors of autumn which will acclimatize well with the occasion. An individual can also decorate the buffet table with scented candles and clusters convoyed with a bunch of berries and apples. You are also solely entitled to rent a wide range of bounce houses from ComicJumps. It generally consists of- Alien Planet 4 IN 1 Combo, Animal Farm 5 IN 1 Combo, Batman 4 IN 1 Combo, Buzz Lightyear 5 IN 1 Combo and lots more.


Games can truly be denoted as a chief and essential attributer of a Thanksgiving Party. Evaluating this fact, ComicJumps, a leading exponent of kids party supplies plays a pivotal role in respect of catering you with a variety of games such as, Bean Bag Toss, Parachute, Bubble Machine, Sports Galore, Spin Art etc.

Foods and Beverages

Foods have always been the centre of attraction in a Thanksgiving Party. Resembling with the others, here also ComicJumps have taken firm initiatives and will competently proffer you with some of the top notch food machines like – Cotton Candy, Hot Dog Steamer, Sno-Kone and Popcorn Machine.

Party Favors

Favors are usually kind of thanking your guests for attending this party and making it as a momentous one. Hence, candy, gumballs being wrapped in orange papers and tied off in the form of little pumpkins are being considered as an excellent party favor for this auspicious occasion.