ComicJumps’ Tumble Express Is A Great Fun!

~ If you are planning the next birthday party for your children, then you can make it special… rather extra special. Popular childrens party rentals Bay area, ComicJumps has introduced a new offering that will entice the kids tremendously. It is called the Tumble Express, and it is available on rent along with the other popular varieties such as jumper rentals or bounce house rental San Francisco. Located in San Francisco Bay area, ComicJumps always comes with something cool and extraordinary items to lure kids and their parents as well.

Tumble Express is a gym on wheels that will keep the kids engaged and happy throughout the event. Kids in the age group of two to six can take a joy ride of the tumble express and in the process enjoy a lot of fun activities. As it is a gym on a wheel, it features loads of items and stuffs that are specifically designed to benefit the health and mind of children.

Kids can engage into a wide range of fitness activities in the Tumble Express as it features tumble mats, zip line, rings, balance beam, climbing ropes, slide, monkey bars, slide, trampoline, rock climbing wall, and a lot more. You can very well imagine the amount of fun and joy your kids will have while being on tumble express.

Are you wondering if you can get this exciting children’s party rental? If you live in Bay Area, you definitely can, ComicJumps provides various childrens party rentals Bay area.

How much you need to pay? For spending one hour in the bus, you need to pay $295. At one time, the Tumble Express can board fifteen kids, who will enjoy loads of warm up and stretching exercises. In addition, there are many music and games integrated within the ride as well. If you want to accommodate more than fifteen children in a group, you have to pay $5 extra for every additional kid. All you need to do is use your credit card to book this fantastic ride for your children.